Nikhil (Nik) Bhaskaran

“ I will help TroubleMaker and the community bring more hardware products to market by bringing in connections and technical resources.

20 years
of experience
12 years
in china

I firmly believe that communities are and will play an even larger role in our world. The world will operate through many communities, created for various causes and funded by newer business models, from non-profits to web3 tokens/DAOs and everything in between.

Why Am I Qualified To Do This Work?

More than a decade of Shenzhen experience in core electronics, from design to production, has given me rare insights into the world supply chain, manufacturing, and electronics product development.

I have built communities in Shenzhen for Startup Weekend and Mozilla. And now I am building the IoTIoT community in India, empowering promising students in IoT, AI, and ML.

I only do what I love so you will find me very passionately pitching things but it is because I am only in those activities where I find a strong purpose or connect.

I am looking forward to connect with as many people as possible because I strongly believe diversity in perspectives leads to growth. And it would be my pleasure if I can be of help and share some of what I have learnt so far.


Grade A+


Graduated from MIT Sloan School of Management: *Understand the design thinking process *Identify and assess customer opportunities *Generate and evaluate new product and service concepts *Design services and customer experiences *Design for environmental sustainability *Evaluate product development economics

Mozilla ReMo

2012 - 2015

I was the first Mozilla representative in Shenzhen and created & grew the Mozilla community here.

Startup Weekend

2011 - 2014

I was a founding member of Startup Weekend Shenzhen and helped dozens of startups get funded.

Open-Minded Innovator

Pioneering new solutions by embracing curiosity and open-mindedness in product design consultancy.

Cross-Cultural Collaborator

Indian with exposure to American education and lived in China so I can bring diverse cultural perspectives together to drive innovation and global collaboration.

Curious Global Learner

Constantly expanding knowledge horizons across borders, fostering growth in the global electronics industry and currently focussed on DFM design consultancy from China.

What They Say About Nikhil

Nik acquires the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve his objective/goals. Loyalty, integrity and sincerity are qualities that Nik exemplifies and delivers.

Michael Eagleton

Digital Marketing Strategist

Michael Eagleton

One of Nikhil's many admirable traits is his commitment to delivering beyond expectations. His perseverance and his ability to take ideas and bring them to reality are inspirational.

Michael Eagleton

Digital Marketing Strategist

Mariya Chhabra

It has been a great experience working with Nikhil. He is dedicated to teaching and educating his coworkers. He’s always open to learning new things and improving service levels. I’m thrilled to be able to work with him.

Mariya Chhabra

Administrator Online Sales

Mahendra Baid

Nikhil is humble, genuine and really supportive to entrepreneurs. His advises are simple, powerful and impactful. Nik, thanks for being there for entrepreneurs!

Mahendra Baid

Senior Sales Manager

Interesting Facts About Me...

LinkedIn  11,944 followers

Brainy pi

Brainy pi is a hardware prototyping platform that builds on top of the software ecosystem built by Raspberry pi, thus bringing in the ease of rapid prototyping. But Brainy pi, unlike Raspberry pi, can be fully customized to take that prototype into a DFM ready mass manufactured product.

Crazy much work experience

Started working early in life from the age of 17. Have done a lot. From door to door selling, to taking door to door surveys, to assembling computers, to running a software company, to organizing events, to repairing laptops, to leading startup communities, tech evangelism for Mozilla, to...

This list will grow a lot more before I die and all I take away is the learning , experience and maturity each experience has humbled me that how vast this universe is so keep doing more and learning