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Chinese Covid-19 vaccines vs foreign vaccines

Which Vaccine Works


Three facts

Three facts that determine your experience of re-entering China

Fact 1

China does not yet recognize foreign vaccines to be safe.

Fact 2

Everyone who arrives in China from another country still needs to stay 14 days in quarantine.

Fact 3

People vaccinated with foreign vaccines must also undergo a nucleocapsid (N) protein test before China can consider issuing a visa.

People who have received a Chinese Covid-19 vaccine

Visa applicants who have accepted Chinese vaccines and can provide a negative nucleic acid test certificate can apply for a Chinese health code. The health code is a certificate that confirms a safe health condition and allows to move freely in China. It contains the holders' health information such as vaccination records, nucleic acid test results and travel information.

The different approach China takes in case of foreign vaccines

People who are vaccinated may show IgM positive results several days after vaccination. However, IgM positive test results can also be caused by infection with Covid-19. This 2.48 minute short YouTube video provides a good explanation of igM and igG.

As the Chinese government is not yet convinced of the effectiveness of foreign vaccines, the nucleocapsid protein provides extra safety. This test is worldwide used to diagnose Covid-19. With a negative N protein test, visa applicants can still get a visa and travel to China.

The difference between the health code and the vaccine passport

China promotes mutual recognition of the health code with some countries, such as South Korea. Mutual recognition of health information simplifies resuming exchanges.

China prefers the health code over the vaccine passport. The opinion is that the vaccine passport may lead to unfairness for people who have difficulty in getting access to vaccines.

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