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Avoid commonly made mistakes that cost time, money & kill your company and implement simple, affordable and effective methods to succeed with China.

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Funnel your Suppliers

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Why You Need A Guide

Nearly 80% of all first and second time projects with China end up more expensive than anticipated. Over 20% of entrepreneurs spend 3 times more on their first project than expected. 68% of these projects are considered a failure because of the negative balance sheet and 45% because of not receiving products according to specifications.

Experience shows that in most cases, this could have been avoided

 Entrepreneurs seek support from consulates, chambers of commerce and business relations when preparing for working with China. However, these resources are often not specialized to solve the project specific challenges.

 In fact, most of my clients are referred to me by consulates, organizations and friends! 

Build your success on my 10 years experience in China

In May 2011 I moved to China after managing a multi-million dollar order for two months in 2010. In the first year, I assessed over 100 LED display manufacturers, leading to an order of Nokia for custom designed, 3-meter high headphones shaped LED tradeshow furniture which we delivered on time and within budget. 

Since then, I have worked as consultant and project manager on dozens of custom development projects in LED display and from IP cameras to fire extinguishers and from Android based GPS systems to self-help testers.

100% of my clients receive higher quality products for less money from China

In 2016, I co-founded our makerspace TroubleMaker. Since then, we have received over 16,000 visitors. Approximately 2,000 have enjoyed one or more of our services and over 200 projects have been developed under the guidance of designers, engineers and other specialists from our network.

Reported cost savings vary from 15,000 to 120,000 USD per project.

In 2020, 90% of all projects have been delivered remotely by means of online coaching and creating China based teams to support entrepreneurs that are not able to travel to China.

A.I.R. Program main features

My AIR coaching method is specifically designed to fit in the most crowded agenda and create immediate and measurable results.

unlimited calls

Schedule your Zoom call in my agenda whenever you need support for one full year.

guaranteed implementation

My method of micro assignments guarantees that you implement all new skills in your work routine.

actionable assignments

Each and every session ends with actionable instructions, summarized in written form.

private support area

Your private support area stores all session summaries, links to recordings and your progress in chronological order.


Short & to the point calls with easy to implement assignments fits in every agenda, no matter how full.


Most of my clients need way less than a year to reach their goal. However, you can remain scheduling calls for the full year. For example, for a new project.

Here Is How It Works

At the start of our cooperation, we schedule an intake call of about 45 minutes. In this call, we determine your current position and set your goals. From then, you have access to my agenda for one full year and you can schedule as many coaching calls in it as you need to succeed with your project.

The calls are conducted on Zoom. In most cases we will use video to enhance the conversation. The recordings are available to you in your private support area. Each call will be 15 minutes long. 

At the end of the call, you receive a simple to perform assignment which also shows up in written form in your private support area. You can schedule your next call after uploading your report to your private support area. This ensures that you implement each step of the process. Completing an assignment can take as less as 30 minutes, but you are free to take as much time as you need.

Henk Werner

Starting TroubleMaker was the best choice of my life. It is every time very rewarding to see people succeed with my support. They create a better life for their families, for their customers and sometimes for nature itself. 

Trouble Maker Co. Ltd CEO

My Clients

Meeting Henk put our startup on the right path

Meeting Henk put our startup on the right path. He connected us with everyone we needed to know to bring our product to life. Highly recommend reaching out to him.

brian hooke - entrepreneur

You should definitely get in contact with Henk!

Henk is definitely one of the most helpful people in the hardware world in Shenzhen. If you are working on hardware product development, you should definitely get in contact with Henk!

Linda Luo - entrepreneur

Henk has this gift to turn a good idea into something real

Henk has this gift to turn a good idea into something real. Coming from academia straight to Shenzhen’s tech world, I feel lucky to have Henk’s guidance to put in practice my ideas. I think everyone should live the TroubleMaker experience. 

Saulo Meirelles - Physical Oceanographer

Program Model


  • We use Zoom for your online intake meeting
  • In this meeting, we assess your current position and set your goals
  • The recording is accessible in your private support area

1 hour


  • Schedule unlimited calls in my agenda for up to one year
  • Short, 15-minute calls help you laser focus and prioritize questions
  • Each call is followed by an actionable micro assignment which implements your new knowledge and skills
  • All recordings and assignments are stored chronologically in your private support area

365 days unlimited


  • Micro assignments establish immediate and tangible progress 
  • Set goals are often reached within 3 months
  • Schedule more calls whenever needed for up to one year

Immediate and lasting

Get started now!

Grow Your Business Faster with Guidance

What Makes Me Different

In the '80s, I envisioned the iPad after seeing a laptop with a foldable touch screen. However, I lacked the knowledge, skills and funds to bring my vision to life. The same is true for other ideas I had until I joined a company that provided the resources and gave me the freedom to create a disruptive new product that made them market leader within 2 years' time.

In 2016, I started TroubleMaker to empower every dreamer to become an entrepreneur and to empower entrepreneurs to change the world. I live my dream life in which I help people like you reach goals. 

My Experience

I've been tinkering with electronics, chemistry and scale models as a teenager. Started my first company when I was 23 and bankrupted it. Started my second company when I was 30 and sold it when I was 37. Studied 3 years to become Master-Practitioner in NLP and was trained by a WOSTEP certified trainer as a Watch Maker. I have developed the SportLED Soccer LED Perimeter System, helped Nokia creating their 3-meter high, headphones shaped LED Arch and developed a fully functioning French fries vending machine. As founder of TroubleMaker, I have coached entrepreneurs to realizing their hardware projects in China.

My Passion

I am immensely passionate about helping people ahead in life. Seeing people blossom from my support and create a better situation for themselves and their family gives me the feeling of growing as a human being.

My Mission

My mission is to make this world a better place to live for everyone on it. This goal is impossible to reach as a single person, so I scale and accelerate my results by helping other people reach sustainable goals.

Pricing Options

The pricing options below are for the same program. The only difference is full payment or split payment

one-time payment



One year AIR Program
Save $1,000 by paying in full

one-time payment



First 10 Buyers Only
Ends in:

You missed out!

One year AIR Program

three payments



One year AIR Program

3 monthly payments

Calculate Your Savings

Just enter how many calls you will place per week to reach your goals fast. You will see immediately how much you can save by investing in the A.I.R. Program.

I have used the following formula to calculate the results:

Calls x $70 x 50 weeks = Coaching cost per year

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee


If you schedule the calls and do the assignments, you WILL reach the goals we've set together. GUARANTEED.

If you do the work and my program does not deliver as promised, I will refund the full amount.

What Others Say

If you get the chance to work with Henk, leap at it!

In the hustle and bustle cut-throat high-tech high-speed business scene of Shenzhen, Henk has built an oasis in the storm. He stands out as one of the few entrepreneurs in China who runs his business according to his values and truly gives with all his heart. I have more respect for what he is doing at TroubleMaker than any other business I have encountered in China. If you get the chance to work with Henk, leap at it!

fionn wright - coach for entrepreneurs

Henk is totally focused on delivering tangible value and results

Henk is an awesome talent. So very willing to share his vast experience and knowledge with others. Making it happen and making things real is what Henk does best. Totally focused on delivering tangible value and results. Henk is an exceptional mentor, communicator and a multi-talented professional. It is my privilege to have collaborated with Henk.

michael eagleton - entrepreneur

Henk explained us everything we needed to know to enter China

Together with start-ups from Berlin, we visited TroubleMaker. Henk explained us everything we needed to know to enter China. When there is one foreigner who understands the Shenzhen tech ecosystem in its full dimension, than it is Henk. He is a mastermind!

Jonas Fahlbusch - project manager

Frequently asked questions

What does A.I.R. stand for?

A.I.R. stands for Assessment, Implementation, Results

How many hours of coaching will I receive?

My agenda is a full year available to you. However, I do need to rest sometimes :D, so the basic availability is 5 days per week for 50 weeks.


That said, I will give you my mobile phone number for if you need immediate access to me for an emergency.

What if I have no previous experience?

Join the ranks!

The majority of people who I have coached at TroubleMaker had little to none previous experience. I share my experience with you, so that you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

Will this program work for me?

Only if you schedule the calls and do the assignments.

What if I'm not developing a product?

Great! Hardware is Hard. Without a product makes things easier.

If you just want to trade with China or if you want to learn the process to increase your value as a consultant, then this program also works for you. In the intake meeting we set your goals and together we will make sure you reach them. 

If, however, we are unable to set your goals during the intake meeting because your expectations exceed my capacity then I will immediately refund your payment in full.

Where can I ask another question?

Click here to schedule a free 30-minute info call.

What are you waiting for?