Kill Your Counterfeiters

(the legal way)

Jakob Krogh-Jensen

CEO at Ounnid Consulting

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What You Will Get Out Of This Coaching Session:

  • Learn the basics of leveraging your intangible assets in a one-hour training
  • Hera the questions asked and the answers from Jakob.
  • Grasp the principles of trademark protection in China and how to be a step in front of the counterfeiters

Ask Jakob anything Trademark & Branding related and he will share you his unique personal insights :D


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  • Video recording
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  • Slides handout
  • List of questions asked, including time stamps
  • The Three Powers of Coach Express Live!

    Coach Express Live! has a unique format with three Powers that together make this the best experience

    Power One: Training

    A training offered by Jakob on the topic he masters:

    How to protect your brand in China and increase its value with a proven process.

    Jakob's Training

    Power Two: Ask Me Anything

    Up to one hour of interactive Q&A in which Jakob answers all your Trademark related questions.

    Want to know how to apply for a Trademark?

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    Want to know how to translate your brand into Chinese?

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    Want to know how it cost to protect your brand?

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    Want to know how to effectively protect your brand in China?

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    Want to know how to select classes and sub-classes?

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    Want to know ANYTHING else about this topic?

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    Power Three: Mastermind

    The Power of the Community.

    Leverage the knowledge and experiences of the other participants

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    Henk Werner

    Henk is the developer of the SportLED football perimeter systems, the Nokia LED Arch, and the Caenator French fries vending machine. He is the founder and CEO of TroubleMaker where he has received over 16,000 people among which the ambassadors of Switzerland, Denmark, and the Netherlands and consuls of the Netherlands, Austria, and the USA.

    His presentations and referrals have impacted over 2,000 people and he has helped over 500 entrepreneurs improve their product development and manufacturing skills.

    It is Henk's mission to empower product developers like you to reach your goal and create a better world. Join this Coaching Express session and Kickstart your project!

    Henk Werner

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