November 26

Massive 3D printing like you have never seen before (Boats and Automotive) – Dennis Ash


Printing huge bakeable 3D female molds for carbon fiber parts - a new and unique technology

Introducing a radically new and unique technology that uses 3D printing to make huge female molds which are in turn used to lay up carbon fiber parts.

Not only is the process capable of skipping the male plug step but the molds are bakeable.

This process significantly reduces build times, allowing highly complex and perfectly symmetrical designs to be manufactured with less effort than the traditional way.

Hobart 3D

Hobart 3D (est 2018) brings industrial 3D printing technology to China.

The company has been involved with a variety of 3D printing technologies and are an authorised reseller of Henkel 3D printing resins for the greater China region. MassivIt is the most unique technology Hobart currently represents in China.

Dennis with Hobart 3D

Dennis Ash

Dennis Ash is an experienced manager, trainer, mentor, entrepreneur and board member of TroubleMaker. He has been involved in bringing various disruptive technologies to the global market the latest is the MassivIt 3DP technology. He is passionate about learning and sharing knowledge with others.


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About inclusivity at TroubleMaker
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