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Many years ago, each and every one of us here in China tried to reinvent the wheel by going at it by ourselves. Not because we thought this was the best solution, but simply because something like TroubleMaker didn't exist and good resources were hard to come by.

Fast forward to 2016, four expats living and working in Shenzhen are fed up with the lack of transparency and correct information. They start what is now the largest active community of product developers, designers, engineers, manufacturers and other related specialists with the goal to connect the dots, lower the risks and speed up the process of product development and manufacturing in China.

In August 2019 we introduced TroubleMaker online, bringing product development in reach of everyone with access to internet.

Ambassadors, Consuls and other government officials have discovered that TroubleMaker is a good resource of talents and information and have visited our makerspace in Huaqiangbei to be informed on how we help people from all over the world with a safe entry to China.

Students have participated in our workshops, such as "Build your own Nopro", "Learn mobile phone assembly" and collaborative projects such as "The Electronics Market Scavenger Hunt" and "The robot challenge".

Our tours and presentations are particularly popular with business delegations to learn how Shenzhen has grown from zero to hero. The following Q&A session answers questions how entrepreneurs can tap into this potential. Some of the participants even mentioned that visiting TroubleMaker is the highlight of their trip to China!


Discover how TroubleMaker makes the difference for your company

Compare TroubleMaker Online with a Chamber of Commerce with the difference that we specialize in product development and manufacturing in China. 

Some of our members live and work in China, for example engineers and manufacturers, while other members want to produce in China, but lack the experience. You can see how these groups add value to each other.

To facilitate learning and business processes, TroubleMaker organizes in-person events & factory visits, develops online training programs and facilitates private or group coaching.


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Henk has this gift to turn a good idea into something real. His selfless mindset makes TroubleMaker a family in which people help each other to achieve their goals. 

I feel lucky to have Henk’s guidance to put in practice my ideas and have access to the amazing TroubleMaker community of makers, engineers, designers and all sort of geeks. 

I think everyone should live the TroubleMaker experience.

Saulo Meirelles

coastal engineer

TroubleMaker is located at the heart of the biggest electronic hardware center of the world. You can get the components for fast prototyping within minutes.

Henk is definitely one of the most helpful people in the hardware world in Shenzhen. If you are working on hardware product development, you should definitely get in contact with Henk!

Linda Luo


TroubleMaker is the place to be if you're a hacker, maker, engineer or simply someone that wants to get into the tech scene in the tech capital of the world...Shenzhen.

The community and startups occupying the labs there are an amazing group of people that are always willing to help!

Whether it be advice, networks, technical resources or just good company, TroubleMaker will sort you out :)

Callum Yap

OKRA solar

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