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Brian Hooke
Brian Hooke


Meeting Henk put our startup on the right path. Highly recommend reaching out to him.

Henk Werner

CEO TroubleMaker Shenzhen

What You’ll Get From Your PCB Development Strategy Call

At the start of our call, I will ask you questions about you and what you're working on. Based on this, I will share the relevant options I know which you can explore for developing and manufacturing your PCB.

These options may or may not include the TroubleMaker PCB services. This call is not a sales pitch. It is to make you aware of the approaches that have worked for others and to get you going in the right direction.

What I Will Do Before the Call

Before our call, I will prepare for meeting you online and if you have shared links or files with me, I will have a look at them.

What Happens During the Call

During our call, I will ask you some questions to fill in the blanks. I will then advise you on the options you have to reach your goals and I will share relevant links and resources. 

What Changes After the Call

After the call, we either onboard you as a client or you will have links to products & services that benefit your project. You may also have introductions to people who can support you best in reaching your PCB Development goals.

About Henk Werner

After developing the LED perimeter systems for the Dutch second soccer league, I moved to China where I helped Nokia develop and produce their Lumia Arch LED furniture.

In 2016, I founded TroubleMaker. Here we train people offline and online on how to succeed with Product Development and Manufacturing in China. 

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These People Recommend Having a Call With Henk

Michael Eagleton


Henk is an awesome talent, so very willing to share his vast experience and knowledge with others. Totally focused on delivering tangible value and results. 

Jonas Fahlbusch

Research Associate

Henk explained us everything we needed to know to enter China. When there is one foreigner, who understands the Shenzhen tech ecosystem in its full dimension, than it is Henk. He is a mastermind!

Saulo Meirelles


Henk's selfless mindset makes TroubleMaker a family. I feel lucky to have Henk’s guidance, to put in practice my ideas and have access to the amazing community of makers, engineers, designers and all sorts of geeks.

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