November 26

The Invention Game – Henk Werner


Play your way to crazy inventions that shake up the world!

In 30 minutes time

  • you form a startup
  • invent a new product
  • and pitch it to the audience

Crazy inventions allowed and fun guaranteed!

TroubleMaker and Innovation Drive

TroubleMaker is a business club of

  • companies that want to develop a product
  • service providers such as engineers, designers, programmers
  • and manufacturers

We provide both online and offline services to our clients, partners, and suppliers to help accelerate the completion of their projects.

TroubleMaker grows and maintains a community of professionals who support each other with information and referrals.

Innovation Drive is a hardware accelerator. With this program, you get

  • 4 months of action-packed company building
  • 100 paying customers before the end of the program
  • a quarter of a million USD valuation added to your new company

At the end of this experience

  • your startup is investable
  • you excel in pitching to clients, investors, and team members
  • you are ready to receive investment and start manufacturing
Picture of Henk Werner

Henk Werner

Henk is the father of two beautiful ladies who live in the Netherlands and to handsome boys who live with him in Shenzhen. He is a loving husband and the care-taker of two doggies and a cat.

Oh, right... Almost forgot. ???? He is the co-founder and CEO of TroubleMaker Shenzhen and the CEO of Innovation Drive China.


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About inclusivity at TroubleMaker
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