March 24



This BBQ meetup was at the VIP lounge of CEC I-Valley, which was generously made available to TroubleMaker for showing how cool the Huaqiangbei area is. Of course, we know Huaqiangbei very well and we are very happy to hang out there!

Preparations start when it's still light. The first things we prepare are the cold dishes, then the vegan food followed by the meat.

The VIP lounge at CEC is the most luxury meeting area they can offer. It has a reception area, a meeting room area and a nicely decorated terrace with fish pond. Have a look at the videos below to see for yourself.

And then it gets dark....

The Midnight Gang

The Gang

Some things are present at every TroubleMaker BBQ meetup: Good friends meet new friends wile enjoying great food at lovely locations

Warm vegan dish

Vegan dishes

Real Meat

Hot meat

Grilled Tofu

Grilled tofu

Did you join the BBQ at CEC? Write a post below in the comments about it.

And if you made pictures, remember to click on the button in the sidebar and upload them so we can use your pics in the blog.


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About inclusivity at TroubleMaker

About inclusivity at TroubleMaker
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