March 10

TM BBQ at TroubleMaker FBA


We had prepared for a BBQ on the rooftop. 

There is a nice rooftop at TroubleMaker and celebrating the move to the Futian Bonded Area can well be done there. However, fate threw some wind in the game on the 10th of March and we decided to move the meetup indoor.

We were lucky that one of the floors of the building is still totally empty. And with a small crew of people, we created a cozy event area at a part of the 4,000 m2 space.

The BBQ event room before the opening of the event

Credits: TroubleMaker Shenzhen

Some 25 to 30 people dropped in and found that TroubleMaker's new location is easy to reach at 10 minutes walking from Fubao metro station and with a beautiful view over Hong Kong.

Doing the BBQ indoor does take away from the view, but adds to the coziness. While some of the attendees are regular returning guests, others are new. This makes that every edition new stories and experiences are shared between developers, designers, consultants, manufacturers and other related business people.

Friends meeting at the TroubleMaker BBQ

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People enjoying food at the TroubleMaker BBQ

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Quite interesting was also that our landlord, their staff and our new partners joined at the BBQ, something that was often not the case at our previous location. For startups that are interested in Hong Kong and Shenzhen policies, this is a welcoming asset.

It is a warming feeling that there is a large group of likeminded people with a different background and different capacities, but striving for the same goals.

Pietro and Annie at work at the BBQ

The chef

Picture of freshly made artisan Italian Sausage before cooking

Artisan food

Annie loves the big lamp with the color of her shirt

A match

Have you joined the TM BBQ and did you make pictures? You can upload them by clicking the button in the sidebar, so that we can use them in our posts.

The next edition of the TroubleMaker BBQ will be at a surprise location in Huaqiangbei. I am looking forward to this. How about you? Let us know in the comments. 🙂


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About inclusivity at TroubleMaker
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