Where you meet new friends and partners

The TroubleMaker BBQ

There is a tech friend oasis hidden in plain sight

Every couple of weeks there is a TroubleMaker BBQ on a surprise location somewhere in Shenzhen. Where the next BBQ is will be revealed one week before the event. 

Every time new people

TroubleMaker BBQ events are "invite only" and only people who attended last time can invite others.

This makes that you will meet a fresh crowd every time you join. 

Check out the latest TM BBQ Post.

Did you attend one of the TM BBQ events and made pictures? If you upload them, we can use them in our posts. :)

Business, Friendship and Relax go Hand in Hand

After a day work, all you want is relax and having a good time.

What is better than if other people cook amazing food for you and all you have to do is be there, mingle with friends and meet potential business partners in the most friendly environment in Shenzhen?

Friends That Tech

Because of being "invite only", you will meet people who are friends of your friends. Your tech community.

People that talk your language, from tech, but perhaps from a different industry. Or loosely related with a fresh mind on what's going on in life.

Food That Tastes

TroubleMaker BBQs are known for its artisan food, freshly prepared by chefs the day of the event.

And, it's not just meat what is being served. Half of what is on the table are fresh vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Community Served Inspiration

The best ideas stem from hanging out with friends and discussing ideas, projects and challenges. Every time we hear people leaving the BBQ with a happy tummy and a happy mind.

Have an inspiration infusion at the next TroubleMaker BBQ.